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How we met ~ my side of the story?  Hmmm  . . .
Well, Jim didn’t make a dazzling impression on me when we first met in Puerto Vallarta because he got sick that first day and couldn’t go out with the group that night.  Of course my kind heart wanted to “fix and help” so I offered some Sunrider products that I love and have with me always (ha ha!).  I WAS impressed that he actually knew what Sunrider was!   But let me back up the story a bit . . .

In 2007 I was at the place in my life where I had my idea of my ideal relationship written down in a journal at home, but put on the “back burner” of my life.  I was open for adventure, but had promised myself no dating until my youngest daughter was on her own (she was only 14 at the time).  My oldest daughter was already on her own teaching English in Istanbul, Turkey.  I was running a Home Based Business and preparing to home school.  At the beginning of 2007 I attended a Quester meeting in Salmon Arm and met Carol Heywood-Babrauskas who provided what she called “Creativity Workshops” in a tiny fishing village in Yelapa, Mexico!  It sounded fabulous and I knew I wanted to go . . . yet I knew it would take a miracle.  Well, miracles DO happen, and in March 2007 (to my extreme excitement) my youngest daughter and I were on our way to Yelapa (thanks in big part to Carol and my angels)!

The Creativity Workshop was hosted at Casa Milagras (House of Miracles) and I found that name so appropriate for my experience there!  Maybe it’s because I believe so heartily in miracles . . . however, that trip was chalk full of them and influenced the direction of my life!  The biggest miracle (or was it DESTINY?) was meeting Jim there ~ but I didn’t recognize this at the time.  There were daily group activities during the retreat, and plenty of “free time” also.  Whenever I turned around, Jim seemed to be there, which I quite enjoyed because I did like his company and since he would constantly be paying for things for me and being so helpful!  How could I not like that?  He taught me how to use his iPOD and loaned it to my daughter so she had music to listen to.  He was sweet, charming and I had loved his calm and gentle energy right from our first meeting.  Trouble was, I had made the decision to stay single so there couldn’t be any of this falling for each other stuff.  Jim is such a gentleman that after knowing me for just a few days, he came right out and told me that he was attracted to and very interested in me.  Wow, now that takes courage.  My comment to him, “I do not know what to say”.  His comment back was calmly, “You don’t have to say anything”.  That impressed me a lot too and we agreed to “be friends” (I know, I know . . . most of you are smiling now and rolling your eyes).

Anyway, the rest of the story is that we lived in cities only 1-1/2 hours from each other, so we planned to get together occasionally as friends do.  Well, Jim did not give up.  I’m glad Jim must have liked the challenge (or the “chase” as they say) because I did NOT make it easy for him!  Jim’s persistence and charming ways won out (obviously), and by the summer of 2007 we were seeing each other regularly and I was falling in love with this very special man, Jim Wilson!

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