My Ideal Relationship ~ Hers

Journal Entry Dated:  October 24, 2006

“. . . You who cause lovers to embrace one another, I ask You in Your vast power, to look over the lands under Your holy sight and make known to me, the one who welcomes my love – make it so we find each other – and know we are meant to be together.  He will complement me and I him.  He will have the following affects on me:  grounding when required, inspiring, loving always, motivating when required, confidence boosting.  He is spiritual, musical, intelligent, in touch with his feminine side (whole), patient, kind, never envious or jealous, possesses self  confidence and great self esteem, is in touch with Spirit and “in the flow”, following /on his life purpose/path and confident about it, courageous, faithful, an amazing dancer and athlete, an adventurer, good businessman, has good taste, is a good writer, great cook (especially Thai food), enjoys different cultures, is health conscious, self disciplined, easy going – is not easily ruffled, loves kids and animals, comes from a loving and prosperity conscious family.

He is playful, and has a wonderful sense of humour and is a philanthropist.  He loves to travel, loves to learn new things and meet people . . . and he loves a whole lot of what I love ~ the arts, history, ART, music, singing, dancing, time for us alone, time for socializing, the love of helping others in an empowering way, movies and the theatre, great stories, a worthy cause, fashion and photography, exercise and fun recreation!

He loves my girls as if they were his own.  He adores and cherishes me, and I him.  We know and accept we are equal and yet play different roles – and respect each other immensely and support each other in the roles it is our destiny to play.  We connect heart to heart and soul to soul!  We have healthy “away” time and appreciate each other that much more when we get back together.  There is no lack . . . we are tapped into the stream of well-being and check each other if we start pinching it off a bit.  Our lives are magical . . . with an overflowing abundance of all good things!  We allow our lights – the light of Source Energy – to constantly shine through us!  We are magnets of wealth, of all the perfect people, places, and things to make our lives rich, beautiful, and blessed.

His body, mind and soul are irresistibly attractive to me, and mine to him.  We are drawn together and our union is heavenly for us and all those who know us.  We create an unstoppable force and power for good and light.  Our joy is overflowing ~ as is our creativity to help create health and wealth for all.  We laugh a lot and just have FUN.

My girls, family and friends really love and respect him too.  He is courteous and thoughtful, slow to anger, and yet he does listen to his “guidance system” and gets angry if the situation requires it.  It is a healthy anger, not the “blaming” kind.  He takes responsibility for his life, his health, his world (he believes that he creates his reality – just like I believe that).  He is of high vibration and a high calibre individual; highly evolved.  He is a generous man, and wise in all his business and other dealings.

He is down to earth and humble; still very aware, awake and enlightened.  He owns his power, commands respect, and he makes each person he speaks to feel important and like they matter, because he believes this.  He is an old soul and possesses great wisdom into which he has tapped.  He enjoys learning new things, and picks up new skills and information quickly.  He takes care of his body temple and encourages others to do the same.  He likes swimming, water sports, boating, plus biking and winter sports (skiing, ice skating, etc.).

We enjoy walking and hiking, exploring too . . . candlelight dinners, hot tubs, pampering ourselves, cuddling in a blanket by the fireplace . . . and then making love.  When we travel ~ we make the BEST travel companions as our life totally “flows” and happiness envelopes us.  We open up and learn new things ~ new cultures and new languages.  We spend lots of time in nature and with animals.

Our life is truly magical!  We are in LOVE; we are invincible . . . we can do, be or have anything!  This is what is . . . “

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