My Ideal Relationship – His

Our relationship is one wherein we…

Share the feeling of absolute safety and intimacy

Only have eyes for each other

Constantly practice “meeting”

Are each other’s family, with ease

Share relationship responsibilities easily

Are compassionate, accepting and respectful of the truth of each other

Have “chemistry” and truly “see” each other

Absolutely love going to sleep together and waking up together

Are slender and toned

Are always surprising each other with treats that feel special!

Show our affection freely and easily

Trust our lives in each others hands

Are often spontaneous and often carefully planned

Practice the balancing nature of giving and receiving help

Love adventures, kayaking, being of service, cycling, walking…

Connect mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically at a very intimate level

Keep our word to ourselves and to each other

Gift each other solitude when needed

Are prosperous and in the flow of abundance

Are green and growing

Are vibrant, and open to new ideas

Nurture warm feeling in our hearts

Cares about ourselves

Are powerful enough to be independent… and choose to be interdependent

Are sexy and passionate

Are both exciting and calming for each other

Are confident and entrepreneurial

Are naturally beautiful and comfortable in it

Display alignment of words and actions

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